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Wall Plaster: American Clay Porcelina

Color: Solamente Color Merlot

Applicator / Contractor: Solamente Clay Walls

Solamente Color  is a division of Solamente Clay Walls. Solamente has developed 90 standard colors using natural  mineral pigments and creates custom colors as well. Solamente has applied its 25 years experience working with natural dyes and pigments to offer a more extensive palette for clay plaster and for your space. These pigment formulas have been extensively tested over 5 years of combining and applying them with American Clay plasters. Click on the palette to learn more about our colors.


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Solamente specializes in the application of American Clay Earth Plasters to create the luxurious beauty and richness of real plaster. Clay plaster can be troweled on new sheetrock walls, existing painted and textured walls, adobes, and other challenging wall surfaces. At Solamente Clay Walls we work with you to choose just the right clay plaster textures and colors to enhance your space and fit your budget. Clay walls transform an interior space! The walls are gorgeous and beyond that the clay plaster acoustically softens your space, filters the air and regulates the humidity (keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). It just feels better to live in a clay plastered space!

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New Haven Homes: Bill Reynolds custom built this lovely home for Jon and Erin Height. Solamente applied clay plaster to most of it. It was such a pleasure working with Jon and Erin to develop their color palette. it was even a greater pleasure to see the delight in their eyes as the walls came to life, as the sheetrock became clay plastered walls.