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Wall Plaster: American Clay Porcelina

      Solamente Color: Merlot

Solamente specializes in the application of American Clay Earth Plasters to create the luxurious beauty and richness of real plaster. Clay plaster can be troweled on new sheetrock walls, existing painted and textured walls, adobes, and other challenging wall surfaces. At Solamente Clay Walls we work with you to choose just the right clay plaster finish and colors to enhance your space and fit your budget. Clay walls transform an interior space! The walls are gorgeous and beyond that the clay plaster acoustically softens your space, is mold resistant, filters the air and regulates the humidity (keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). It just feels better to live in a clay plastered space!

Clay plaster crosses stylistic boundaries. Depending on your choice of finish and color, clay plaster enriches traditional, contemporary, southwestern, eclectic, old or new construction. Smooth to the touch, it offers a visual depth not possible with paint.

Why not choose to have walls with character? Paint? No, Plaster is it! Natural Clay Plaster is neither toxic in your home nor toxic to the environment, and beautiful! Solamente has been creating walls with character since 2006.

Clay Plaster Enriches Your Space

ClayCrete is a finish perfected by Solamente. ClayCrete incorporates lime into a blended clay plaster and yields a beautiful, smooth, and durable finish. The addition of lime gives a harder finish that naturally shows a bit of luster and is quite resistant to moisture.

ClayStone is Solamente's version of lime-washed clay plaster. After two coats of plaster there are two coats of lime wash applied and burnished creating a lustrous, highly differentiated look. The addition of lime makes the surface quite hard and moisture resistant.

Loma is the classic clay plaster developed by American Clay. At Solamente the Loma finish has a warm suede-like appearance accented by subtle variations that occur as a result of the burnishing step at the end of the process. The finish is smooth to the touch and free of loose sand.

Porcelina is the finest plaster made by American Clay. Solamente produces beautiful, smooth walls using Porcelina. The burnishing brings out a bit more visual variation than Loma and produces accent areas of light and dark of chosen color.

Enjarre is the coarsest American Clay Plaster. The Enjarre finish is a more flat look with more subtle variations than Loma, yet not as refined as Loma. At Solamente Enjarre is burnished to be smooth and free of loose sand.

Textures / Finishes


Solamente Color is a division of Solamente Clay Walls. Solamente has developed 92 standard colors using natural  mineral pigments. Natural pigments are fade resistent and warm. Solamente has applied its 25 years experience working with natural dyes and natural pigments to offer an extensive palette for clay plaster and for your space. Since 2007 these pigment formulas have been extensively tested by combining and applying them with American Clay plasters.

If you do not find your color, Solamente will create a color to match anything you want - paint sample, a rock, a spot in a tile, a favorite textile - we aim to please.



Click on the palette below to learn more about our colors and go to www.SolamenteColor.com



"We have Solamente Clay walls in almost every room in our home. Walls and ceilings. We love it! Some of the rooms were done 7 years ago and the color is still vibrant with no fading at all despite the high mountain New Mexico sun. Sally made a custom color for us. We wanted a red tone. She got right on the project with enthusiasm and with a complete understanding of what red we wanted. It was fun seeing what she came up with and we finally decided on a red that was "just right" for us. It looks fantastic! Kent and Sally and their team are fun to work with, very professional and very low impact as far as finishing and cleanup. I wish we had more rooms to do!"                   Mary & Gary


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